05 June 2011

Now That is a Storm

TO BE HONEST, if its going to rain I want to pour. I don't mind rain in general, but the soft pitter- patter day-long rains sometimes drive be nuts. Today we got something different: one of the fiercest storms I have experienced in quite a while. And it was great!

We've had temperamental weather patterns for the past few days and large thunderstorms are not uncommon in the part of the world, but what we had today was massive by any definition: bright streaks of lightning, window-shaking thunder, multiple power outages, and rain so think we could barely see to the neighbor's house. The storms started at about 10:00 this morning and lasted until mid-afternoon. By 5:00pm (just about 30 minutes ago), the sky was clear, the sea was blue, the air was crisp, and there was, with the exception of the still-saturated grass, absolutely no trace of storm.

Now that is the kind of storm I like.The rain is coming down hard for several hours.

At one point Kerri was worried the water in the pool was going to overflow. It was close.

15 minute ago the view looked like this from our living room. The people on that cruise ship are getting into Nice at just the right time.

So we spent the day indoors. Homework. Cycling and the entire French Open final on TV. Steak fajitas for dinner.

Ça va!

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