28 June 2011

I Wanna What?

IT'S END OF the year school program season and I missed Henry's because I was away for work. But Kerri videotaped the whole show so I got to see him dancing around in his Washington National's baseball uniform. I also got to see a couple of the other routines by other classes -- including one gem where 4th grade girls performed ballet dance moves to the song "Right Now" by R&B star Akon. As usual (and I have written posts on this before) the French don't always understand the lyrics of the songs they listen to in English. The recurring refrain in "Right Now" goes like this: "I wanna make love right now, now, now." The line is repeated at least 42,000 times in the (admittedly catchy) song -- check for yourself. [Note: You better click now because I promise this is the last time a link to an Akon video will be appear on this blog]:

If I get time to download the video of the show and Henry's school, I'll throw it up. There is something quite comical/creepy about seeing 4th graders ballet dancing to this tune.

Those of you with high cultural IQ's recognized the difference between "now, now, now" and "na, na, na", I'm sure.

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