11 June 2011

Antiboises For A While

IT IS THAT time of year again -- the time when we must vacate our house and move into a small apartment for 3 weeks until the school year finishes. In the past we always chose a little place close to our house because the kids needed easy access to the local primary school. But now that the twins are with me at the CIV, we decided to branch out a bit and try something completely different. I'll explain by describing my immediate surroundings right now:

I am currently sitting on the patio of a second-floor (first floor if you're European) apartment in Antibes. The apartment sits above a bank and almost directly across the street from the Antibes Cycles bike shop. About 50 meters to my left is a small Casino (the store, not the gambling hall), a tabac, a boulangerie, and a pharmacy. To my right is a hair dresser and a couple of other small shops. Directly in front of me, just beyond a small block of houses and the train tracks that connect Nice and Cannes, is the Sea. Lots of traffic, lots of people walking around, lots of shops nearby.

Something completely different. The apartment is small, but very cute and charming and has two bedrooms -- an upgrade from previous years. The fact that I can walk to get a newspaper tomorrow morning in the less time than it takes for my coffee to brew is very exciting. It almost makes me want to go to bed right now so that morning will come quicker.

As usual, Kerri found the place, and we're quite happy to spend the next three weeks here in Antibes.

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