21 May 2011

J'aime Bien Les Cerises

I'LL JUST MAKE a note to myself: when we move back to the States, get a cherry tree. I'm not sure if they'll work in DC, but I'm going to try. We've had more cherries in our house than we can eat over the past couple of days -- mainly because of very nice friends who bring them over by the sack. Today we spent the entire afternoon eat lunch at the home of Jean-Luc and Valerie (SDA friends who live just down the road) and I think our little party of 8 adults and a few children easily devoured more than 5 kg of cherries that Jean-Luc picked from his tree last night.

The 'harvest' window on cherries is quite small in this part of France -- about 3 weeks, max -- but during that time they grow almost faster than you can pick them. Before walking home this evening the kids went back to Jean-Luc's tree and picked about a kilo for us to take home. I'm going to have a few right now while I watch some sport I don't like very much on television.

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