15 January 2011

This Day

I REMEMBER THIS day in 1995 because:
  1. the Dallas Cowboys lost in the playoffs (always something I like)
  2. it was raining in DC and we were hoping for snow
  3. we had a lot of family visiting from around the country
  4. the music was incredible
  5. great jazz trio
  6. there was cake
  7. my little brother was sick
  8. and...Kerri and I got married.


chcmichel said...

Congratulations guys, we hope you celebrate your 16 years of wedded bliss. Shirley is shocked because she says she had it her mind that you were married on Les' birthday. Oh well, she was wrong.

French for a While said...

Hey, only one day off. Not bad Shirley.

David Porton said...

Happy Anniversary Jonathan. It seems less than 16 years since you got married. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay!!

Jim, Dana, Madison & Macy

Kathleen said...

Thats as good a reason to remember any year then! Especially the year you got Married!Happy Anniversary to you both love reading about your travels on lovely places!