30 November 2010

The Twin Advantage

PATRICK AND JULIA have a big math test tomorrow and a good portion of this evening was spent reviewing geometry, multiplication, word problems and other things kids generally dislike. They have recently started doing more of their homework in their own rooms (rather than at the dining room table) and I welcome this development because it means that 1) the table isn't chock-full of papers, pens and books, 2) Henry stays out of their hair, and 3) I can watch sports on TV without them knowing that I'm relaxing while they are working.

This evening they were reviewing for the test in their rooms and I was working on my computer (not watching sports). While working on a few emails it occurred to me that it was suspiciously quite downstairs. What were they doing? Were they studying or playing with toys very quietly. I went downstairs to check on the situation and found them each furiously writing at their desks. When I asked what is was, exactly, that they were doing they making: making a test.

They were making a practice test for each other to take. 4 word problems, 1 geometry problem, and two bonus questions.

This is one of those times when being a twin is a really cool thing.


J. et K. said...

That's awesome!

chcmichel said...

I think that is very cool.

Heather Griffin said...

That is way cool!! Talk about Teamwork!