02 November 2010

Halloween, Gambling, and Football

THE FRENCH ARE starting to catch on to the idea of Halloween, but the concept of going from house to house in search of candy is not yet 'the norm.' -- especially in this part of the country. So we just did it at home (again). Scavenger hunt, bobbing for apples, caramel apples, pumpkin drawing/carving, trick-or-treating, the whole works. My brother an I even had the great idea to go as a two-man luge team (photos to come).

But in between the torrents of rain we also had time to play a little football and teach the kids how to gamble (leave it to Uncle Jeremy to teach all three kids how to play Blackjack).

A witch, a 'baller', and Santana Moss

Jeremy teaching the kids all they need to get ready to pay for their college education.

Taking a break from the football game near Gordon, France.

Me and my dad getting into the Halloween spirit.


Anonymous said...

А! Perlu untuk menjaga pengujian blog saya. Tidak bekerja seperti yang saya inginkan belum. Thx untuk tema tersebut. Mungkin ini akan mendapatkan tambang untuk terlihat lebih baik.

Anonymous said...

Ini benar-benar menarik. Aku suka membacanya