28 October 2010

Reality Show for Former Half-Term Governor of Alaska

I DON'T EVEN know where to begin. As hard as I try, I can't pry myself away from US politics. And it seems that everything going on in American politics is somehow tied to Sarah Palin -- the Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008. But the more I read about Sarah Palin, the harder it is for me to believe that she is a serious candidate to be the President of the United States. Now she has a reality TV show.

I'm sure her show will be fun, interesting, and a big hit -- but how does this help her convince Americans she is presidential material? My favorite quote is when she's talking about life in the great outdoors and she says: 'I'd rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office.'

Really, Ms. Palin? Don't you think we kind off got that message when you quit half-way through your first term as Governor of Alaska?

Oye. Here's the promo from The Learning Channel.

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