03 October 2010

Familiar Sundays

WHEN WE LIVED in the States we really looked forward to Sundays in the fall. There were several reasons for this, not all of which are outwardly obvious. If pressed to list the reasons in order, I would offer the following:
  • Fall means the hot, humid, summer is coming to an end
  • Sundays in the fall mean NFL football games are on almost all day
  • One of those games is the Redskins (our beloved, though terribly flawed, local team).
  • Redskins games usually means a big meal with various parts of the extended family.
  • That meal is always really good and may include: BBQ, Chili, or massive Mexican buffet.
We haven't had a 'typical' autumn Sunday since we arrived in France...until last Sunday.

Thanks to a promotion at nfl.com, I purchased a free week of something called 'Game Pass' -- a program that allows you to watch every NFL game on the internet in HD quality. Because of the time change, the first game of the day started at 7:00 French time and we got prepared. First, we put a large pot of Chili on the stove and let it simmer most of the afternoon. Then, at about 7:00pm we hooked up the digital projector to the computer and beamed football onto the wall.

Next up: whole family ate dinner while we watched football. Just like back home.

It was great.

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J Scriv said...

Not trying to rub it in but fall also means post season baseball. Halladay just threw a no-no.