19 September 2010

Doing Nothing and Loving It

FIRST OF ALL, I need to say that I am writing this blog post while the Washington Redskins game is playing in the corner of my screen. A friend here in France introduced me to a website (which will remain nameless for the moment in case it's 110% illegal) and I now have access to all the games live, right on my screen, in pretty good quality. This is outrageous!

OK, so we managed to make it through the entire weekend without even starting the car. We went absolutely nowhere...and loved it. Partly because I was pretty sick (normal for me for this time of year) and partly because we are still re-settling into our house, we decided to just stay chez nous on both Saturday and Sunday. We read books, played golf in the yard (and by 'golf' I mean hitting whiffle balls with a tennis racket around a make-shift course), took some dips in the pool, organized the kids' rooms a bit, rearranged the kitchen, threw a football around, played ping-pong, cooked good food, did homework -- lots of homework!, talked to grandparents and my sister on Skype, played with toys that have been packed away all summer, and watched 'Field of Dreams' with the whole family.

And when I get to work tomorrow and people ask what I did over the weekend I'll say: 'Nothing. Just stayed at home.'

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