13 September 2010

The Case of the Missing/Found Video Projector

I'M NOT SURE how to explain a little incident that happened over the weekend, but maybe someone can help.

Because I use powerpoint/video/music in virtually every lesson that I teach, I carry around a small video projector that has been issued by my employer. Before each class I hook my laptop to the projector and beam images up on a screen in front of my students. Last Thursday evening I went to a meeting at my school and left the projector in the Salle des Profs -- the faculty lounge. This is something I do quite often and think nothing of it. When the meeting was over I went back to the salle des profs to get the projector only to find that the building was locked-up. This didn't worry me in the least since I had left the projector in the room overnight before. If anything, I felt good knowing the place was locked. But when I got to school on Friday morning and went to find the projector...you guessed it...it was gone. I searched everywhere, asked everyone, checked all administration offices, and finally gave in to the possibility that it had been stolen. I reported it to the appropriate people and went home for the weekend convinced I was now down 1 new video projector.

But when I returned to school this morning I wishfully looked over to the area where I had originally left the projector and...saw it sitting right near where I had left it. What the...? I can't understand what happened: it wasn't there Friday and it was there today. Did someone take it for safe keeping because they saw I had left it in plain sight? Did a member of the cleaning crew take it? Is it possible someone took it thinking it was a computer, then returned it when they saw it was a projector? What happened? Several of my colleagues are also on the case and we're going to try to get to the bottom of it. The only thing I know fore sure is this: I haven't lost my mind! I wasn't there Friday -- and I have lots of people who can verify my story.

Of course, all that really matters now is that I have it back.

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Jimmy said...

Have the College send me a ticket and I'll be right over. We would make a fascinating team! I'll bring the Timmy's doughnuts for the prolonged stakeouts!