27 August 2010

What to Do for the Last Couple Days

WITH ONLY A bit of time left before we head back to France we have to make the most of the last few days in Italy. Besides cleaning the house and fitting everything into the car, there are basically only two things to do: 1) eat as much pasta and pizza as possible, and 2) play lots of sports. We've been taking care of number 1 pretty regularly so number two became a primary focus for the male factions within the family.

Two pieces of background information: 1) soccer (football) fields in the south of France are NEVER grass -- always a synthetic imitation or, worse, dirt. But less than 500 meters from our house here in Italy there is a set of two beautiful fields with 100% natural grass. To top it off, all the goals have a good net around them, making the playing area all the more fun. 2) Our house in France is located in a very hilly part of the 06; it's almost too hilly for the kids to really enjoy riding their bikes around the house. Instead, we have to take them by car to other nearby areas where they can ride and ride and ride. Not so here -- we can ride for miles and choose either flat or mountainous routes. Today, as you'll see, we Patrick and I chose a 22 mile course that had 2 or 3 nice climbs. It was without question the most 'difficult' ride Patrick has ever attempted; but he did great!)

Here's the evidence:

Cycling and sunflowers. Perfect.

Big climb up toward Panicale.

A very deserved water break. The ride up to the old village of Panicale from the main road is about 800 meters -- but at nearly 15% grade.

Oh, I made it up too.

More relaxed on the way down.


meredith said...

We used to live in Mandelieu, and bike riding was always a challenge there, hills hills and more hills.
Enjoy your last Italian days.

Alisa said...

Sounds like a lovely summer. Enjoy the last few days and have a safe trip back to France. We are moving back to France in October, for good...can't wait.

Jeremy said...

Surely that isn't a Totti jersey....

Tahniat said...

Wow...sounds like a great father son bonding time....