20 August 2010

Brand New Album Covers

AFTER TWO AND a half very full days walking around Rome, we spent today relaxing at home. And by about 4:00pm the kids and I got a bit restless so we decided to have some fun -- and what could be more fun than...creating fake album covers using super-easy-to-use photo editing software from Flickr? We collaborated on the group and album names and came up with our favorite six album covers. Now we'd like to see which one you like best. On the sidebar there is a survey where you can pick your favorite cover. Take everything into consideration: the photo, the layout, the group name, the album name. Vote as many times as you like. The kids will be waiting for the results.

(quick note here: Macchie is village where we are staying this summer)

Late Update: looks like you can only vote once if you use the same browser. Also, you can click photos for bigger image


Dianne is for Paris said...

Oh my goodness, those are so great. What a fun afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Two or three of those could be actual album covers. You convinced me. When's the release date?

Anonymous said...

All pretty good, but Against A Wall looks most like a teen-band cover. Nice!

bhshrode said...

In Your Face has to be the best name. As for looks, the Macchie Road.