17 July 2010

Who Can Help Me Explain These...?

IN THE PAST few days I have seen a lot of women wearing shoes that look like the ones in this photo -- sort of sandal-boot hybrid. I understand the relationship between Italians and fashion, but I'm trying to understand this one. If it's nearly 100 degree outside why do you want six inches of leather or suede fastened to your lower calf?

I know I'm setting myself up to be ridiculed for now seeing how obviously fashionable this look is -- but that's a risk I'm willing to take.


J. et K. said...

I agree. I saw a woman wearing a pair today - same style, but out of a wooly looking fleece material instead of leather. Horrible.

Jennie said...

UGLIEST SHOES EVER! Even worse than crocs because at least those things aren't supposed to be fashionable.