10 July 2010

Today's Goal: Find a Good Market

LAST NIGHT KERRI gave me some very clear instructions: find where all the local markets are and on what day they take place. My research found markets in Assisi on Mondays, Castiglione on Wednesdays, Magione or Montepulciano on Thursday, San Feliciano on Fridays, and Passignano- sur-Trasimeno on Saturdays. Perugia, of course, has several good markets every week, as does Siena.

But after our trip to the Passignano market today, we realized that what we are really looking for are Farmers' Markets -- the kind with stand after stand of fresh produce and local products. The Passignano market today was more along the lines of a flea market where lots of cheap clothes and other items are being sold out of the side of trucks. These are fun in their own way, but nothing beats getting a great deal on fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and bread.

So after a fun day exploring and driving completely around Lake Trasimeno, I now have a new set of instructions, and I'm about to get started on those right now.

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HeatherG said...

Happy searching for the farmers' markets. I was waiting for the description of the foods you found, alas! the flea market. I got a good chuckle, all the same.