05 July 2010

My New Very Favorite Hotel in the World

THIS EVENING I received a very nice email from Dominique -- the owner of the
Hotel les Arcades in Geneva. She was responding to an email I had sent thanking her and her hotel staff for their hospitality during my frequent trips to Geneva over the past several months.

When my classes in Geneva began last December, I searched the internet for a reasonable hotel in a centrally located area of Geneva. I settled on the Hotel les Arcades, purely by chance. Because I liked it so much (small, boutique-style, family owned) I inquired to Dominique about getting a special discounted rate if I promised to stay 25 to 30 nights over an 8 month period. She graciously offered a very good rate (especially by Geneva standards) which included room, internet, breakfast, bus card, etc. The fact that the hotel is right across the street from the train station on the Place Cornivan puts it in a perfect location. The only caveat was that from time to time I might be 'relegated' to one of the two rooms that had a bathroom that was across the hall rather than right in the room. Well, let me tell you that the bathroom issue was certainly not a problem for me. I don't mind crossing the hall when I have to pee in the middle of the night -- heck, I do it at home all the time.

In the end I stayed 28 nights at the Hotel les Arcades and every one of them was terrific. I recommend the place if you're ever in Geneva. It's right above the H&M store and just around the corner from Starbucks. Perfect, no?

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