13 July 2010

Liking the Book. Hated the Movie.

YOU MAY REMEMBER a book published nearly 15 years ago called Under the Tuscan Sun that was hitting bestseller's lists all over the country. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that Kerri and I are reading it together right now. [Note: I'm embarrassed for several reasons. 1) Kerri is in essence reading it to me -- like I'm a child; 2) I generally don't care for books by Americans who go live overseas then tell everyone how great and perfect it is (blogs that do this in a somewhat lighthearted manner are...ahem.... fine with me); 3) I saw the film adapted from the book on a cross-country flight once and it was unwatchable -- a total pretentious chick flick if you ask this untrained critic.]


Me Likey The Book!

More on that later...but today we visited the village of Cortona, which is where the author purchased and refurbished an old villa -- then published the entire experience. On the right you can see a total stock photo of the village I found on the interet. This photo actually doesn't do it justice at all because the real soul of the village comes when you walk through the narrow streets and visit the shops.

Cortona is about 25km from where we are staying and it is a mountain village that overlooks some of the most gorgeous countryside you could imagine. While it is well documented that the village dates to the Etruscans, the origins of the village are lost in the fog of various myths and legends. Is Cartona 2500 years old? Older? Can it be believed that inhabitants were in the area as soon as 200 years after the great flood? In any case, 'modern' Cortona really flourished and it became a major center in the Lake Trasimeno region. We'll visit several more times while we are here (the kids thought that a weekly Sunday lunch there would be nice), so I'm sure there will be more to share. It seems clear after one visit that several more will be needed in order to really get to know the place.

Oh, and I may have to give that movie a second look.


Peggy ritchie said...

Nope, you wereright the first time, good book, terrible movie. It had nothing to do with the book except fot the title and some Italian scenery.

cocopuff1212 said...

I bought "Under the Tuscan Sun" a while ago and actually brought it with me to France but haven't read it yet -- I think I'll read it now!

On a similar note, I'm half way through "A Pig in Provence", which I kind of dreaded reading because I thought it was going to be a pretentious chick book, but is turning out to be enjoyable for me.

Sheila said...

I heartily agree with Peggy.

bhshrode said...

I'll be sure to put some tampons in the mail for you.

Dave Ashton said...

I have a spreadsheet in which I rate every movie I've ever seen (more than six hundred).

Under the Tuscan Sun is #24: of the worst ever. It got a 2 out of 10. It would have gotten a zero but at least the scenery was good.

Anonymous said...

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