24 July 2010

Amiamo Siena

HOW COULD YOU not fall in love with Siena? Many friends have told us how much they adore Siena, the medieval town right in the heart of Tuscany, but until today we could only imagine what the city was like. But know we can share in the adoration.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in central Italy, a much needed reprieve from the heat that had settled into the area over the past couple of weeks. With a light breeze and temperatures only in the low 80s we decided to travel west along the Siena-Perugia highway for about an hour and visit Siena. The drive itself was worth it, with rolling hills covered in various shades of green and gold as far as the eye could see, interrupted every few kilometers by a small hilltop village with a church steeple pointing up toward the blue sky. But the real treat was Siena itself: the narrow streets, the wine shops, the outdoor cafes, the stunning duomo, and the brillant Piazza Il Campo -- one of the largest squares I've ever seen. We were with some friends from France and the nine of us enjoyed every minute (well, almost every minute -- the moment we realized that the 4 Sprites we bought the kids cost 4.50 Euros each might not fit into that category).

I could spend some time talking about the Siena Torture Museum (yes, we went) but that might get a bit gruesome. It is incredible to think about the way people lived only 200-300 years ago. Some of the methods that were used for torture are virtually unimaginable and to be honest, I think the kids were a bit freaked-out by some of the exhibits. Don't get me wrong, they like it. They loved it. But some of it was a bit much.

On the way home we stopped for a quick swim in Lake Trasimeno then our friends took us out to eat for a very nice, authentic Italian dinner. (That was very nice of you -- Jérome and Candide). So as you can see, there is little we could complain about today.

Hey, I got in a photo with Henry. Right in front of the main cathedral.

Julia at the Piazza Il Campo.

Hanging around.

Jérome is interested in the Duomo; the others don't appear to be.

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meredith said...

Hey, I was in the Siena torture museum about 3 weeks ago...gave me the creeps.
I think I ate a Panini right about where you were standing in the main square.