21 June 2010

Polidor and Lots of Music

ABOUT 18 OF us who examine the national OIB had a wonderful dinner this evening at Restaurant Polidor, a very well known restaurant in the Latin Quarter that has been running since 1845. Without going into detail, there were several menu options and I went with salade d'épinards chèvre, Boeuf Bourgogne, tarte tatin, The group of 18 ordered about 10 bottles of 2003 Bourgueil. The restaurant is famous for two things -- other than their food and wine list: their rude waiters, and the fact that they don't take credit cards. The sign posted outside the windows makes it very clear: Depuis 1845, nous n'acceptons pas les cartes de crédit
I didn't try les escargots because I'm still a bit too American to order snails in their shells. But for fun I took a photo of the platter that the person across the table from me ordered. And to be fair, it smelled terrific.

We had a wonderful time catching up and eating great food with each other. Most of us only see one another once or twice per years since we all teach at lycées all over France. You can see Rob and Barbara talking in this photo -- two of my colleagues from Valbonne.

Normally, I'd be going to bed right now. But we got back quite late (3 1/2 hour dinner) and tonight is the Fête de la Musique a street music festival held all across France on the 21st of June, the longest night of the year. Right now, outside my window, music is blaring and people are singing and dancing along. It's 12:15.

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Marlo said...

My husband and I love Polidor. Now I'm hungry for French food!