04 May 2010

Our Own TV Bloopers

ONE OF THE fun projects I do every year with my 3eme students (that's 9th grade) is to have them turn the Cuban Missile Crisis into a news segment that they write, produce, direct, and finally perform on camera. It is a creative way to get them to speak publically and get feedback on how they sound when I edit the broadcast and show it on a big screen in front of the whole class a week later. It's usually a fairly stressful day for the students who still struggle a bit in English -- but that's the point.

Today's first group -- the first person on camera, actually -- was a kid playing the role of the anchorman. He rehearsed his lines, prepared well, even put on an anchorman-like voice. When it came time to shoot the scene it went like this:
  • Me (filming): Ready in three, two, one....
  • Student: "Good evening and welcome to the Shix o'clock new...ah, sh**"

That'll be one for the blooper reel (something I always add at the end without telling them).

Quick question: do I need to bleep out the expletive since it was said in a fairly thick french accent -- as in: "ah, sheet".


Monique said...

hey, at least the student spoke in English, right....? :)

meredith said...

Leave it in :)

jennifer said...

My 3eme thought that was funny. My former students would snicker every time they heard "sheet of paper". I say he was responsable for his words so he keeps it_good training for those p^lanning to go into politics.