16 May 2010

Follow Vic's Big Walk

I'VE WRITTEN SEVERAL times about our friend Vic and his Big Walk! Well, it started this week and you should really check out his progress on Vic's Big Walk. A very quick summary: Vic Heaney is walking from his current home in Puivert, France to the home where he was born in Blackpool, England. He left the on the 15th and he'll arrive in Blackpool in 70 day, in time to reach his birth home on July 23 -- his 70th birthday. It really is an amazing feat -- and there have been some amazing developments over the past several months.

Follow it from time to time. And if you feel like it, donate to the walk and help support Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Good luck Vic!!


Vic Heaney said...

Hi Jonathan

That would be July 23rd, for the arrival time. 2000 kms in 8 days is asking a bit much.

French for a While said...

Oh yeah, sorry!