14 May 2010

Festival 2010

LIKE WE DO each year (just to say we did it) we meandered down to Cannes during the jour férié on Thursday. Despite heavy downpours in the village where we live, the weather in Cannes was spectacular the entire day. We walked around and took-in the atmosphere; ate a little lunch; spent some time on the beach; and tried to get on the 'Today' show (we didn't get on). We did run into our friend Cyril who is a free-lance cameraman and he was doing shoots for BFM News -- a 24 hours news channel here in France -- so we watched him work for a few minutes.

'Lady Moura', a yacht usually docked in Monaco, but is now in Cannes. 105.5 meters!Our friend Cyril (holding camera) doing a shoot with a reporter from BFM

That's me (yes, the head is a bit cut off) with some scantily-dressed seekers of attention.
The Red Carpet: just hours after 'Robin Hood; opened the festival
Julia tried to get on 'Today'; she really tried.

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bhshrode said...

You'll have to give me some pointers. Everytime I get a photo with half naked bloody women I fail to keep myself from being covered in blood.