09 May 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

CHALK IT UP to bad luck, but I spent most of today on a train. Why? My flight was canceled due to...ash. No, this is not a repeat post from a few weeks ago when most of Europe was grounded because of the volcano -- I'm writing this today...May 9. Apparently there was a section of ash that swept around Europe to the west then headed east through Spain, Portugal, and the south of France. There was just enough to shut out my route into Nice. So instead of a nice 45 minute flight I got to spend 7 hours on the train. Of course, the real worry around these parts is the Cannes Film Festival, which opens in three days! If the airports are closed...who will make show up and who won't?

Kerri and the kids enjoyed a fantastic lunch at the home of some friends, and I'm lucky that Candide saved me some. I'm eating it right now. So it wasn't a completely lost day.

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