03 March 2010

Our Own Olympics

WE HAVE THIS silly tradition where our family competes in our own Olympic once every two years -- during the real ones. It started when our twins were 3 1/2 during the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City. Kerri gets the credit for this -- as she almost always does when it comes to doing fun creative stuff -- and she usually comes up with the events. I remember one of the first events we ever held in the Family Olympics was the Ice Cube Hold. Very simply: who can clutch a large ice cube for the longest without letting go. Other events over the years have included:
  • Marshmallow Biathlon (a sort of race, but with a marshmallow throwing contest mixed in)
  • Bare Arm Outside the Car (did this a couple weeks ago in Switzerland -- when the temps are really cold, who can hold their bare arm outside the window while we are traveling at 120km/h?)
  • various food eating contests - including 'Who Can Make the Best Ice Cream Sundae (I was the judge!)
  • Stand-Up Sledding (real sleds, not no sitting allowed)
  • Rubber-Band Archery
  • Wood Floor Figure Skating
We have a bit of fun every time the Olympics roll around. I'm not sure of the medal count for this year, but the kids inform me I was dead last in the standings.

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