03 March 2010

30 Years of Presidents in One Video

WOW, THIS VIDEO sketch is my life compressed into 5 minutes. If you aren't from the US you may not know Saturday Night Live -- the weekly comedy sketch that has aired just about every Saturday night at 11:30pm for the past 30 years or so. Of course, like in many countries, the 'it' character is the political leader of the country. No different for SNL. Whoever played the current U.S. president got a lot of publicity and air-time.

In this sketch, President Obama is visited by all the presidents going back to Reagan -- and all the president are played by the people who originally played them (with the exception of Reagan, who is played by Jim Carrey). I used to watch SNL every Saturday night. The show is a huge part of my life. In fact, my parents always knew they didn't have to give me a curfew on Saturday's because I'd always be home by 11:30. Many of the great comedic actors of the last quarter century got their start on SNL. (Note: this video was not actually part of the show -- but the actors and characters are all from the show). Give it a watch.


Obama: Fred Armisen
George W. Bush: Will Farrell
Bill Clinton: Darrell Hammond (man he's good!)
George H.W. Bush: Dana Carvey
Ronald Reagan: Jim Carrey
Jimmy Carter: Dan Aykroyd
Gerald Ford: Chevy Chase
Directed by: Ron Howard (yes, that Ron Howard)

Wow. Like I said, my entire life in one short sketch.


jennfer said...

Thanks, great fun! Though my teen did not really "get it" until I explained

The Duchess said...

That was good! SNL was a huge part of my teenage years, too. So fun to see all the 'old' stars of the show. I think Clinton was particularly good. Thanks for the laugh!