01 February 2010

Reading Reality Check

MY FRENCH TEACHER has insisted that we begin reading a book in French. We're going quite slow and it is, to be fair, a book aimed at kids, but I'm having fun reading through it and spending some time looking at the 'french' way of writing literature. The other day as I was walking to the bus station I (quite proudly) mentioned to a group of my students that I was finally beginning to read a real book in French. They asked which book it was and I told them: Le Petit Nicholas.

One of the girls said, 'Oh, I love that book. I read it when I was eight.'

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Anne said...

I actually think Le Petit Nicolas is a perfect book for French language learners. It's easy enough to read without a dictionary (you can get the sense of what's happening without having to know every word) and the stories are funny. Now go see the film and see if you can follow along!