01 February 2010

Kind of in the Hockey Mood

HERE'S HOW PATHETIC (or, could it be cool?) I am. In order to get back in the spirit of hockey, and because of the upcoming Olympics (which will feature lots of hockey and speed skating), I've begun skating in my garage. Not real skating, of course, but 'exercise' skating. Since it has been far to cold to hit the bike I've been mock skating with weights behind my back in an effort to maintain some amount of physical fitness. I 'skate' for about 5-8 minutes --- at which point the muscles in my thighs feel like they are going to break through my skin. Julia brought the camera down because, and I quote her directly here, 'if I don't take a picture, no one will believe me when I tell them you are doing this.' It occurs to me that she might be right...so here you go:

And I'm wearing the cap because it's freezing in our garage.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get off the mat and actually slide from side to side. Get some old socks and it could be great.

bhshrode said...

Don't think you are fooling us. Anyone vaguely familiar with your past sports "dress ups" knows you are wearing that hat simulating the full hood Apollo Ono would be wearing on Olympic ice. Seeing it on you tells me you haven't been able to find a full hood in France yet, not that it's cold in the garage.

angus said...

That is so funny Jonathan.

I'm sure Kerri must be having some fun at your expense!!