14 February 2010

Gone for a Few Days...Sans Internet

THE HOTEL WHERE we are staying is actually a little apartment-style place in Divonne-les-Bains -- just a few hundred meters on the French side of the France-Switzerland border near Geneva. Since we have no internet access, I'm at a local cafe for a couple minutes checking email and finding some good deals on lift tickets for the skiing we are planning Monday and Tuesday. We're going to ski at either Crozet or La Faucille -- both are in the Jura mountains. The only thing I am still negotiating is whether or not Kerri will actually ski with us (it's possible to just ride up the gondola as a passenger). We'll get her going at least one of the days. Although in her defense, once you get to the top there is plenty to do without actually skiing -- particularly if you have a warm coat and a good book.

By the way, a very nice Happy Valentine's day to everyone (that was from Kerri!)

Back to the south of France on Wedneday.

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Launa said...

Kerry can come hang out with me next time you go skiing. Our little American family (also living in France for awhile) spent a week in Innsbruck, and I finally realized I just don't like it. Even in Europe.