26 January 2010

An Unwanted Birthday (for me)

OUR YOUNGEST KID turned 5 over the weekend and I am not happy about it. I don't know why, but I just loved 4. It is such a great age: vocabulary is increasing every day; physical limits are being pushed; self-sufficiency is developing; and things are said and done everyday that make you laugh. I know -- things continue on this trajectory at age 5 (and beyond), but I just really, really like age four.

I kept telling Henry that he wasn't allowed to turn 5 because I wanted to have a kid who was only four , but he insisted that turning 5 was very important to him. Not so important, however, that he wanted to share the day with friends. When he woke up on Monday he told Kerri he was sick and he didn't think he could go to school--knowing full well that Kerri had made a treat to take to class to celebrate his birthday. He generally doesn't like situations where he is the center of attention (this is an area where he and I differ greatly).

We had a fun day celebrating on Sunday and I'll get around to putting up some photos of the birthday boy and his brother and sister. And I'll also get around to loving the idea that little Henry is now five years old.


Steph said...

Sounds like Kerri and you simply need to have another child so you'll eventually have another 4 yr old ! ;) Also the best way to experience the french health care system ;)

bhshrode said...

I'll lend you my 2 year old for a while, at least until he is potty trained.

Monique said...

you could always throw a sweet party?! :)

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