06 January 2010

The Kids are Going to Start Loving Fridays

PATRICK AND JULIA are going to start liking Fridays a whole lot. This Friday marks the first of 8 straight weeks where they will spend the entire day...skiing. (Don't read that over and over, you read it right the first time).

This is actually quite common in France, but for our first two years the kids have missed out. You see, the way it works in our village, a teacher has the choice of what 'activity' or 'project' to work on during the year. One year it was the perfume industry (we live near the perfume capital of France -- Grasse), one year it was ceramics and art. This year it is sport/health and as as part of the project they will spend each Friday receiving skiing lessons in Greolieres -- a ski station about 50 minutes north of our town.

A school day. The whole day. Every Friday. For 8 weeks.

We didn't have that when I was growing up. Of course, we didn't really live near any ski stations either. It goes without saying that I am quite jealous. To make it even better for the kids, it's been snowing in the mountains like crazy for the past few days.


deedeeinfrance said...

I wonder if they'll be going to the mountains today? In Provence, we are just getting lots of rain but maybe you guys will get lots of snow.

Charity said...
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Charity said...

How very cool! And in Greoliere, even cooler. Campion Academy in Denver does this too.

Toby's gonna have to practice his skiing in March so he can keep up with P & J if they ever get the chance to ski together!