27 December 2009

Christmas Fare

WHAT DO YOU do on a beautiful Christmas day if you are an American living in France?

Well, first you try on your new Washington Redskins uniform (Henry).

Then you put your football men into fun positions and take photos of them. (Patrick)

Then you go out and play a little baseball.

Top that off with a great meal in the evening (with our friend Oliver the German) and you've got yourself a pretty fun Christmas.

But add a great day in Monaco and you've got an A+ Christmas weekend.

Hot Churros at the Port

Casino Monte CarloNot sure what is happening here.

My in-laws are so proud of me.


talesfromagarden said...

Lucky you lot, in Monaco on christmas day! Can i ask is that a skating rink in the background? We have been to Monaco only during the summer and i know there is a swimming pool by the port so do they replace it with an ice rink or what?

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you and Les and Joni. Happy New Year! Michel

french for a while said...

Tales...it's right on top of the swimming pool. They put it up each year.