21 December 2009

Best Christmas Decorations

ACCORDING TO AN online newspaper I read quite frequently, these Christmas decorations are the best of the year...so far. The second one has actually caused enough problems that police have asked the guy to take it down -- too many people thought it was real. In fact, at least one confirmed car accident has occurred in front of the house because the driver was looking at the house, not at the car in front of her.

I actually like the first one better. There's something about funny and lazy that I can really appreciate (if it's hard to read, the other house just says 'ditto').


angus said...

The second one is quite imaginative though!

I can only imagine the number of people that have slowed down while passing by, not quite sure whether or not to see if the "guy" needs help!!!

Betty C. said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours!