16 November 2009

Toward Health (cont.)

I MEASURE MY relative health in some unique ways. For example, one measure is 'Do I Feel Like a Cup of Coffee This Morning.' If my desire for coffee is even remotely reduced, I know I'm not at 100%. (Note: Another test I used a lot in the States was 'Am I Too Sick To Play Hockey?' However, that became a flawed method for determining health because the answer was always no. And the result was that I usually got sicker because of playing. Kerri used to love that.)

This morning Kerri made coffee (normally my job, but I've been slacking during this sickness) and when I walked into the kitchen I craved it for the first time in 8 days. That's a good sign. It may have helped that it was Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Love both tests. A no on either one and you must be sick.