24 November 2009

One One

HARD TO BELIEVE, but we have kids that are 11 years old. Twins, no less. Patrick and Julia were born on the day before Thanksgiving in 1998. This year they'll celebrate their birthday the same way -- on the day before Thanksgiving. (Note: Kerri and I are celebrating today too-- it's been about 11 years since we've been to a movie; about 11 years since we've taken a Saturday afternoon nap; about 11 years since we've relaxed together on a weekday evening; and about 11 years since we've slept-in in the morning). Ah, but these pictures remind us it's mostly totally worth it:
Giens, France 2007
First visit to Cannes, Sept 2007A 'revisit' to Paris, 2009 (with their favorite drinks)Jardin du Luxembourg, 2009
Sharing a banana split at a Paris cafe, 2009
Cowboy Logic - 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! Mommy and Daddy (and Henry) love you very much.


Manue said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!
Happy Birthday Julia!

Have an amazing day.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous, I'm G-Pop. (If either of you stunningly photographical 11-year-olds ever calls me G-Poop, I'll never talk with you again--except after I stop laughing.)

Julia and Patrick: you are two of the biggest jewels in the crown of God's creation, and I wish I could see you more often, and be there for your birthday.

The only thing that would make me more more proud of you would be if you sneaked out of the house, bought an airplane with your mommy and daddy's money, and few all by yourselves clear to Ohio, so I could see you.

Can you work that out?

Love you