18 November 2009

'France Has Their Ticket in Hand'

GREAT HEADLINE AT the French national sports newspaper, Lequipe:


To understand why this is great, you need to understand that France just qualified for the World Cup (see next post) and did so thanks in part to a horrible non-call by the officials. In overtime, Theirry Henry clearly played the ball with his left hand in the box just before setting up the equalizing goal -- a goal which put France up 2-1 on aggregate. That's the way the game ended and France is going to South Africa.

Everyone seems to have seen it except the officials. Ireland probably deserved better.


talesfromagarden said...

You are so right,we were robbed on the night!Our local radio station is carrying it all morning however ireland played better than we thought and did us proud enjoy the world cup!

Vic Heaney said...

Thierry Henry, the French captain, who admits that he handled the ball, says that he is embarrassed and says a replay would be the fairest solution.

In other words, he is offering to give up the "Ticket in the hand".

Will the soccer authorities do anything about this?