06 November 2009

Breakin' in Down

I DIDN'T HAVE a camera on the quick trip back to DC, so I couldn't document all the 'stuff' I managed to sqeeze' in while I was there. I mentioned a few of these things earlier, but here's the details -- details which will make sense to very few people:

Deep breath...

Chipotle, Sportscenter, World Series, grapes with no seeds, Today Show, Old Navy, Marshall's, Border's, Taco Bell, Best Buy, Target, Capitals games on TV, Capitals game in person, church, Life cereal, Ledo's, Moby Dick, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, more Sportscenter, Trick or Treating, X-box, Sierra's, In-laws, mom, brother, Kevin, Lynn, Eliot, Sophia, my brother's new (first!) house, excavators, Monday Night Football, more World Series, Baja Fresh, lots of banks, Root Beer, cable news, talking to some French guys at Fuddrucker's, Christmas shopping for the kids, packing, phone calls to Kerri, Wal-Mart (for children's medicine), driving on big and straight roads, The Office, The Washington Post, Uncle Mik in the hospital, middle-eastern food, more middle eastern food, chats with friends and family, and two really nice flights on British Airways.

All this plus a little hint of missing France.




Anne said...

My kids would kill for some of that Life cereal.

Jennifer said...

Life cereal is also the one thing we always buy when visitng DC from France. Could you send links with your videos you post? Often there is just a blank square!