23 November 2009

Birthday Party: Take One

WHEN YOU HAVE twins, sooner or later it becomes evident that one birthday party simply will not due. The 'joint party' works great for about 7 or 8 years -- but by the 11th there is no thought given to having a party together. With that established, we had Patrick's birthday party on Sunday afternoon down in a beautiful section of Sophia Antipolis/Biot near the Pont de Tamarin -- a great wooded section in the forêt des Brague with hiking trails and a very pleasant stream. Of course, the kids immediately got soaked trying to cross the stream and catch fish. One of the boys actually fell completely into the water, soaking his entire body. Jeez. Luckily, we played some American football to help everyone dry off. A couple of the kids really, really liked football and wanted to play and play and play. We finally had to take a break so that Patrick could open his gifts -- which were Legos. And what I mean by that is...everyone bought him Legos. And he could not have been happier! A few photos: (odd lighting for these photos: flash made it too light, no flash a bit dark. That's what happens on a cloudy day in the woods I guess.)

Let's see if I can remember all the names. From left to right is: Clement, Nicholas, another Nicholas (in tree), Patrick, Xavier, Sebastien, Quentin, Luc, and Henry.

Next weekend it's ice-skating with Julia's friends.


Penny said...

Happy birthday to Patrick and Julia! Now I need to know, do you make french or american style birthday cakes? I still insist on making a true aussie kids birthday cake, complete with loads of icing which the french kids don't eat. I just find french birthday cakes a bit, well, dull! What do you guys do?


french for a while said...

American! American! American! Betty Crocker is a life-saver. Although this year we also had Chocolate Chip cookies -- the moist, yummy kind.

Penny said...

Ah, glad to see I am not the only one who wont bow to peer pressure. The other night I introduced some french kids to jello, much to the horror of their mother!