03 October 2009

Good Music Pickup

AFTER A NICE hike/bike ride in the mountains with the kids and a quick lunch at Subway, we decided to spend some time a the Mediatheque -- or library. We all really enjoy spending time at the Mediatheque: the kids like to look for books and movies to rent, Kerri likes to find new books to help her with her French, and I like to sit down with English newspapers (International Herald Tribune today), and Lequipe.

But today I also went to the music section to look at their CD collection. About 10 minutes later I went to the desk with a stack of CD's. My collection today:
  • 'Magical Mystery Tour' and 'Past Master's Volume 1'- The Beatles (time to expose the children to the Beatles).
  • 'Songs About Jane' - Maroon 5 (Kerri likes them)
  • 'Greatest Hits' - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (a little embarrassed about this one)
  • 'The Very Best of the Smiths' - The Smiths (loved them when at university in England)
  • 'Appetite for Destruction' - Guns N Roses (come on, it's a great album)
  • 'Octavarium' - Dream Theater (they had every Dream Theater album there -- what a great library!!)
Nice pickups. Now it's time to face the big ethical dilema: should I download these albums I've rented to my iTunes account? Ohhh, that's a toughy.


angus said...

I loved O.M.D. and I'm guessing that you've already downloaded the cd's!!

I'm watching the Leafs/Caps game as I write this...Caps are up 6-3.

Penny said...

Good idea to read the IHT at the library - we pay 3€ a copy here!

I love OMD and the Smiths!