15 October 2009

Bread, Sunrise, Paris

IT'S VERY DIFFICULT to beat a breakfast that includes fresh bread -- especially if it's from Le Moulin de Flor in Roquefort-les-Pins. Roquefort is the village next to ours and Le Moulin is quite well known for its variety of incredible baked goods. The bread -- especially the compagne baguettes --cannot be beaten. I know that bread is very local ('ours is the best!'), but I'll put this boulangerie up against any of them.
I must also admit that the bread tastes even better with a hot mug of coffee and this view -- the sun rising at about 7:12 in the morning.

On another note: I am off to Paris this afternooon for some meetings and if you ask my kids if they will miss me they will say yes. But if you ask if they are glad I'm going, they will also say yes. You see, our 'policy' is that when daddy is away, everyone gets to sleep with mommy in our bed. They get so excited when it's time for me to be away for a few days.

Aren't kids great.

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J. et K. said...

Gorgeous photos - great reminders to appreciate the daily experiences we get to have here.