05 September 2009


FIRST DAY BACK at 'our' house was today. A relief in many ways -- but also a bit sobering as we realize we have now been in France for two years. So short a time, yet so long in many ways.

But I'm being way to serious; time for a quick friends 'n family update. I'll start with the topic, then go for a quick summary:
  • Trip back from Strasbourg: three words -- Switzerland Is Beautiful.
  • La rentrée: our OIB section keeps growing and that's great; but geez, it also means a lot more work.
  • Patrick and Julia's rentrée: CM2! So far so good. Only two days in but they seem to be excited about the year and like their teachers -- especially Madame Noel (yes, Mrs. Christmas).
  • Henry's rentrée: c'était pas mal, all things considered. He likes school, he just doesn't yet like going to school.
  • Le Rouret: some noticable improvements were made over the summer, the biggest being that our fabulous boulangerie has now moved to a bigger space in a better location and added tables and...coffee!
  • The apartment we had to stay in for one week until our house was ready: about as fabulous as 40 sqare meters can be.
  • My teaching schedule: sweet!
  • The VW Golf GTI: in the shop!
  • The view from our balcony: something we will never fully appreciate -- especially on nights like tonight when the full moon is reflecting in the sea.
  • Packing and unpacking: getting really old (especially for Kerri since she ends up doing most of the work).
  • Nemo, Henry's fish: totally dead.
  • The two other fish: mostly dead -- but recovering nicely (all three made the trip to Strasbourg with us. Nemo didn't die until a few days after we got back).
  • Prices on the Cote d'Azur: a bit out of control at times (1 scoop of ice cream in Nice: €2.50. One scoop of ice cream in Baden Baden, Germany: €0.75).
  • France v. Romania: Don't have much to say about this, except that I'm watching the game right now.
  • Everyone in the house right now: asleep, except for me.
  • Tomorrow: boulangerie for coffee; more unpacking; a long bike ride; dip in the pool; corn on the cob for dinner.
  • Photo at the top of the blog: needs to be changed, I know.


poppy fields said...

I think ice cream goes for 2,50€ a scoop in Aix, too.

J. et K. said...

Boulangerie adds coffee - that is excellent news!

Jennifer said...

Grenoble ice cream scoops cost 2E50as well. But worth it during inner-city heatwaves.

Vic Heaney said...

We're coming atcha!