25 September 2009


PATRICK WAS VERY sick last week. Slightly worryingly so (did I make up a word?). Mostly extreme lethargy and no desire to eat -- but no fever or other flu-like symptoms.

No further details required, except to say that after a couple of visits to the doctor and a wide battery of blood tests (which came back fine) it appears he just got really layed-out by some sort of gastro reaction. He's back and school today and we're really happy about that. No he's in the process of gaining back the 2-3 kg he lost. Four bowls of Wheetabix yesterday morning is a good start.


J. et K. said...

Wow - that sounds really serious. Happy to hear he's doing better.

Vic Heaney said...

I think it was the visitors who brought about a miraculous recovery :-)

It was good to see, anyway. Rock on, Patrick.

Vic and Gay

Anonymous said...

G-Pop is really glad that you're better, Patrick.

Julia,you're lucky--and strong. Glad you missed out on this little episode.

Love from Becky and me.

Anonymous said...

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