29 September 2009

Our Fantasy World

WELL, A SPORTS fantasy world, anyway.

After several days of repeated badgering by my 10 year-old son we've decided to set up a Fantasy Football league (American football, of course) within our family. But that wasn't quite good enough so we added 'uncle' Jeremy and cousins Toby and Seth to play too. Now we have an 8 team league with the following names (if you know our family you might be able to pick who's who): The Pitstains, Henner's Hitmen, JuJu's Bees, The Mighty Pimples, Star 98, The Loveable Losers, Botch!, and I Choose Not to Win.

We're getting started a bit late so our first matchups are this weekend, three weeks late. I'm pretty sure I'm going to crush everybody! You can actually follow our progress at our Yahoo sports page. Our league name is, of course, French for a While.

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