30 September 2009

The Good News, the Bad News, and the Cool News

THURSDAY MARKS THE beginning of the National Hockey League season for the Washington Capitals. Long-time readers know that hockey is something this family absolutely loves (yes, even Kerri -- even if she doesn't admit it). The image on the left if from today's Washington Post, which ran a cool special section on the Capitals. I'd like to get my hands on that section (hint hint) if at all possible. But back to the news: here' s the good, bad, and cool news.

The Good News is that another season begins Thursday for our beloved Washington Capitals. I get excited like a little boy when two sport seasons start: baseball and hockey -- so once in April and once in October.

The Bad News is that we are in France so we won't get to watch many of the games. Oh, I'll buy the NHL package so I can watch some key games, but with most of them starting at 1:00 am local time, that won't be too often. But if you see me walking along the Croisette with a glaze over my eyes, it could be because I was 'up late.'

The Cool News is that my (quite a bit younger) brother Jeremy is now 'officially' blogging the Capitals at a new website called hockeyindependent.com. Check it out (look for Jeremy's blogs and write some comments). It is going to be a lot of fun for him to be sure. Allez Jeremy!

Here's a quick highlight reel of the Capitals' star player -- Russian Alexander Ovechkin.



Jeremy Scriven said...

How much do I owe for hockeyindependent.com plug?

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