19 August 2009

Racing Club de Strasbourg

SPENT AN EVENING watching mediocre French 2nd division soccer. Doesn't get much better than that, does it? Strasbourg played Arles-Avignon to a 1-1 draw and the home fans weren't too happy. Strasbourg is a club in a bit of crisis at the moment. After decades in the highest French league thay have been floundering in Ligue 2 for the past few years and the start of this year has not gone well. As you'll see from the photos below, the fans are making their frustrations known: the most vocal fans (all from the same section of the stadium) are protesting by not entering the stands for the first 15 minutes of each home match (you'll see the signs they have posted -- and the empty seats).

Up close during warm-ups

This entire section filled up at the 15:00 mark; but it was empty at the start. Rough translation: '15 minutes of absence because of years of incompentence by players and management.' We need this at FedEx Field in Washington, DC

Sporting the team colors on his new scarf.

View from our seats.

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