16 August 2009

How Fast is 30km/hour?

IT'S ABOUT HOW fast world class sprinters can run at top speed. And that is incredibly fast.

The kids and I are getting ready to watch the 100m men's finals at the Athletics World Championships (being held in Berlin this year). We don't normally sit down and watch track and field together, but this race should be a huge race -- with Olympic Champion Usain Bolt and American Tyson Gay fighting it out.

But during the preliminary rounds I couldn't help but notice that the sprinters were reaching nearly 30 km/hr. I knew that was pretty fast, but just to make sure I knew how fast I hopped on my road bike and got myself up to 30km/hr. That's a pretty good cruising speed on a bike and these guys hit it on foot? Incredible.

The race will last less than 10 seconds, but the highlights tomorrow will go on and on and on.

Late Update: Well, that was incredible. 9.58 seconds? That is simply stunning. Patrick and Julia were pretty excited to see that race.

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Vic Heaney said...

We didn't see any sign of Tyson Gay "fighting it out". He wasn't in the same class. Maybe you should lend him your bike :-)