09 August 2009

Friends in Frankfurt

A COUPLE WEEKS ago I wrote about meeting up with some friends from the DC area who now live in Denmark (out kids went to school together in Maryland). This week we visited another set of friends from the DC area, bu this set lives in Frankfurt (again, our kids went to school together in Maryland).

What fun! Thanks for the hospitality guys. We had a wonderful time seeing the city and visiting with you. We'll get together again soon. Here's just a few photos (sorry, Thomas -- you and I didn't make the cut this time).

The 'dudes' in front of the European Central Bank

Kerri and the kids sitting in a classroom at the University of Goethe, Frankfurt
We were having so much fun (and so much great food) that we didn't even leave their place until after 10:00pm on Saturday night, which wouldn't have been so bad if not for the fact that we were heading back to Strasbourg -- a nice 2 1/2 hour drive away. Lucky for me (it was my turn to drive) the roads were completely empty and I was able to 'do as the Germans do': cruise along at about 150km/h most of the way home. If not for a closed bridge over to France we would have made great time. But we still managed to get into bed by 1:00am.
À la prochaine.

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