04 August 2009

Best Playground Ever?

DURING A QUICK visit to Luxembourg we came across this playground near the city center. We took a quick video to remember how much fun it was for the kids. Now we just need to know if it's one of the greatest city playgrounds ever (standard city playgrounds). You decide -- it's just a short two minute video.


Maureene said...

Pretty impressive. We don't have one that good in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

There actually is an amazing park in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

However, I still think this one takes the cake!!!


Micky said...
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Michael Feyereisen said...


As a luxemburger, I have fond memories of that playground. If I remember well, it is near Müehlenbach, not far from my grandparents' apartment. I didn't remember the water, though - it may be a summer scheme.
Interesting coincidence: My sister and I were visiting those same grandparents in the beginning of August , when you happened to be there. We might have caught up to each other had we known.

It is definitely the best playground in the country (Possibly even the largest one too).

I might visit the CIV before leaving for England. I'll seek you out.
Enjoy what's left of the vacations!