18 July 2009

We Did It Again

WE'VE DEVELOPLED THIS little game where we don't tell our kids when family members or friends are coming to visit. They want it that way, honest. The way we play this little game is quite simple: the kids generally know someone is coming, we just don't tell them exactly when so that it's a big surprise.

But this time we added a little twist: we didn't even let them know that their grandparents were coming at all; not even a clue. So when Kerri's parents happened to stroll in front of our spot at the beach at a nearby lake last Thursday, there was a second or two of complete confusion on the faces of our eldest kids. The confusion quickly morphed into exhilaration when they realized PopPop and GiGi we coming for a visit.

It's a silly game that they will probably have to explain to their therapists in 20 years, but we have fun with it.

1 comment :

Vic Heaney said...

We knew, but we didn't say a word. That's what friends are for! :-)