20 July 2009

Reading a New Book

MY DAD HAS sent a copy of his new book to us via my in-laws. As you can see in this photo he also sent Les (my father-in-law) a copy -- a copy he has been reading quite a bit since he arrived a few days ago. Here he is reading the book on the couch.

Here is he about 10 minutes later. But don't worry dad, it was the jet-lag. Really. The book is great (I'm reading it too).

Patrick and Julia had slightly different reactions to the book. Patrick was so excited to see his grandpa's face on a book he began jumping up and down with excitement. Julia, not so much. She took one look at it and offered, 'it's going to be boring because it's adult stuff. Adult stuff is boring.'

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Anonymous said...


I'm never...boring.


P. S. Neither are you.