03 July 2009

A Rare Southern Start

IT'S BEEN QUITE a few years since the Tour de France has started in the South. Tomorrow it begins with a time trial in Monaco.

We'll be there. Not sure how we're going to get there yet, but we'll be there. (Suggestions? Train, I suppose).

Click on the Monaco route map for larger image.

Update: we've had a very nice offer from a friend to use one of their underground parking space at their apartment in Monaco, but I just don't see how driving will work. They are saying it could be worse than Grand Prix weekend. We're taking the train!


Anonymous said...

When I heard that on the radio the other day, I knew you would be there!

annie said...

There will be trains each 7 minutes from Nice to Monaco. Don't know from Cannes. Same for return. DON'T DRIVE !!

Anonymous said...

After seeing your pictures, I am even more excited about being there to watch the peleton climb Mont Ventoux on July 25. Hopefully, either Armstrong or Leipheimer will be in the lead by then. Michel